Script Services

In addition to working as an Assistant Director, I sometimes get involved with projects at script stage (or earlier).

This can involve notes, story work or script rewriting – depending on the project.

This additional role has arisen because I sometimes receive scripts before they have reached their maximum potential, and am in a position to offer ideas and creative solutions based on; my years on working for the London Screenwriter’s Festival, working on my own projects, and from experience seeing many different types of film project get made.

Additionally, because my role as an A.D. involves scheduling the film, I can foresee when vagaries in the script / story will make the filming more difficult, so often (tactfully) encourage refinement of said script so that the story will play better when made, with less wasted filming (ie if a scene would likely be cut in the edit; better to cut it in the script etc etc…).

It is ALWAYS better to improve a script before shooting as opposed to on set.

In this regard, I’m a bit like a story mechanic whom you can bring a script to if it’s not working correctly; for suggestions on how to make it better.

If you have a script that needs some love, get in touch.