Short Films

When it comes to making comedy films, my goal is to make work so good that viewers people will take them into their hearts and watch them every few years for the rest of their lives.

I have just completed my first Comedy Feature Film I AM THE PRIZE in the capacity of: Co-Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, and lead Actor.

Comedy Films Written and Directed:

You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

Being Cary Grant: A Romantic Comedy about trying to improve oneself to get the girl

Girlfriend Performance Review. Tonight is Martin and Sophie’s three month anniversary, which means that tonight is the night that Sophie is getting her performance review…

Not Cut Out For Crime: Nighttime in a convenience store: a robbery is about to take place…

Just Another Hero: A spoof movie trailer

Here are some of my favourite Comedy Films:

And TV:

And some more films I think are great: