I Am The Prize


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I Am The Prize

Feature Film


When clinical Marketing Executive LAURA encourages her ‘too nice’ friend MARTIN to go on a Pick-Up Artist boot camp, she doesn’t expect him to turn into a complete jerk…”

Director’s Statement:

I’ve been making short films which poke fun at the ‘battle of the sexes’ for several years: these include ‘Girlfriend Performance Review’, ‘You Can Be My Wingman Anytime’, and ‘Being Cary Grant’ (see Comedy Shorts page).

The first time I heard that guys (known as ‘Pick-Up Artists’) had claimed to have discovered a ‘formula’ that you can follow to make any woman find you attractive, I laughed. The idea is so ridiculous, and yet, REALLY compelling…

I tried out some of these tips tricks and techniques, and although some seemed to work, they also felt a bit weird – they encourage you to be different – usually in a fun way, but not necessarily in an authentic or truthful way. I wondered where the dividing lines are that separate ‘showing your best side’ (self-belief), ‘showing a side that’s not even you’ (imitating), and ‘doing stuff just to get her to do what you want’ (manipulation)?

This got me thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to show the weirdness of the very natural desire to change oneself in order to connect with the opposite sex? From both the male AND female perspective?

I Am The Prize does just that – it satirises the ideas, philosophies and characters involved with Pick-Up Artistry, whilst also touching upon how they feed into larger conversations RE masculinity, feminism, gender etc.

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