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Alphasphere by Nu Desine: a groundbreaking new musical instrument – this video has received over 100,000 views.

Paypal Battlehack World Finals 2014:

Kashflow: K-Team – Accountancy software provider Kashflow wanted an A-Team spoof to emphasise how awesome their service is: I worked with Camera / Editor Massimo Amici to try to hit just the right silly / fun / homage-laden tone

Battlehack Teaser Video: Teaser Video Directed and Voiced by yours truly, graphics by Barry Wilkinson and Audio by Red Panda – animation to show off an innovative new music app

Intuit Rap News: Our attempt to convey information about real-time PAYE  in an engaging manner

AlexandAlexa: a nice fashion-based piece

Air New Zealand: Nice Motion Graphics Cinema Spot

Friska – Feel Good Food: These guys still do the best lunches in Bristol…

Alphasphere (again) – cool Motion Graphics piece to celebrate passing electrical compliance testing

Air New Zealand – Wine Tasting Event